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Upgraded Travel Insurance Through Auto Club Provides Trip Refund In Event Of Job Loss, Illness

(LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2009)Many would-be travelers are postponing vacation plans because of concerns about the economy, even if they have not actually experienced a loss of job income from the downturn. The Automobile Club of Southern California is offering new peace of mind to travelers who book cruise and tour vacations through AAA Travel: an upgraded travel insurance policy that will provide the traveler with a full refund of their trip in the event of a covered loss such as a job layoff or illness, and an 80 percent trip refund for any non-excluded cancellation reason.

Underwritten by BCS Insurance Company and offered through Access America travel insurance to those booking a cruise or tour through the Auto Club, the newly upgraded “Cancel Anytime” policy is an affordable way to ensure that booking a vacation won’t hurt consumers financially if they suddenly find themselves laid off or seriously ill just prior to the trip, said Wendy Sabins, the Auto Club’s senior vice president for marketing products and services.

“This year, some of our members are understandably concerned about spending money to book a vacation and then finding out that they’ve lost their job,” Sabins said. “Unfortunately, concern about a future catastrophe that may not even occur could cause many people to miss out on creating joyful travel memories with their friends and loved ones – just the kind of stress relief that people need in these difficult times.

“The ‘Cancel Anytime’ policy lets travelers fully enjoy the experience of planning, anticipating and then taking their vacation,” she added. “If needed, they can cancel the trip and get most if not all of their trip cost back.”

‘Cancel Anytime’ must be purchased through an Auto Club travel agent within 14 days of the date that the traveler pays his or her initial cruise or tour deposit in order to be eligible for all coverages available in the policy. Each traveler who wants to be covered must purchase a separate policy. The policy is priced by age and trip cost and can be purchased for as little as $29 for a traveler less than 30 years of age who has booked a cruise or tour costing less than $500. Trip coverage can include all non- refundable trip costs like airline tickets as well as cruise or tour costs.

The policy will provide a 100 percent cash refund to a traveler and his or her traveling companion (who also must have a policy) if:
  • The traveler, through no fault of his own, has been laid off or terminated from a job he has held with the same employer for at least one year
  • The traveler suffers a serious injury or unforeseen serious medical condition preventing him from traveling
  • A family member suffers an unforeseen life-threatening medical condition requiring hospitalization
  • A family member’s unforeseen injury or medical condition requires the traveler’s care
  • The traveler or a traveler’s family member dies


For all other verified trip cancellation reasons, the “Cancel Anytime” policy will provide 80 percent of the trip cost back to the traveler, as long as the reasons are not specifically barred by the policy’s exclusions. Excluded reasons include substance abuse-related health problems; health problems arising from participating in high-risk sports; and intentionally self-inflicted harm. Also, the traveler is not covered if the purpose of the trip is to receive medical care or treatment.

In addition to trip cancellation, the policy also covers:

  • Losses incurred by travelers if their trip is interrupted for a non-excluded reason.
  • Emergency medical and dental benefits during the trip (secondary to any existing health insurance)
  • Emergency medical transportation (secondary to any existing insurance coverage)
  • Up to $500 in incurred expenses for loss of baggage (secondary to any coverage provided by a carrier)
  • Secondary coverage of up to $200 in incurred expenses from a baggage delay
  • Secondary coverage of up to $500 in incurred expenses for a missed connection
  • Secondary coverage of up to $300 in incurred expenses for a travel delay
  • 24-hour hotline assistance.


More details of coverage and exclusions are available from Auto Club travel agents at any of the 75 Auto Club offices throughout Southern California. The policy is not available for purchase online. BCS Insurance Company’s Certificate of Insurance/policy also details the policy’s limitations, exclusions and restrictions and information may also be obtained through Access America travel insurance.

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