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Gov. Brown Signs Parking Meter Law

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a new state law that allows drivers to park at broken parking meters up to the posted time limit without receiving a ticket. The law also requires local authorities to post parking rules if parking at broken meters is restricted in any way. The result will be greater uniformity and less confusion for drivers not sure what do when they find they’ve pulled up to a parking space with a meter or payment center that doesn’t work.
Senate Bill 1388 by State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier was co-sponsored by the Automobile Club of Southern California and AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah.
The new law takes effect Jan. 1. It prohibits law enforcement agencies from issuing parking tickets to vehicles parked in a space with an inoperable parking meter or inoperable parking collection system, as long as the vehicle is parked in the space no longer than the posted maximum time limit.  Local authorities that pass ordinances restricting parking at broken meters must post signs or markings giving adequate notice of the restriction at parking locations, parking meters, or parking payment centers.
The Auto Club has received a growing number of complaints about parking tickets.  Many of these complaints involve confusion about the rules of parking at broken meters – is it allowed or not?  Those rules now vary from place to place and they are oftentimes not posted at parking locations. SB 1388 will clear up the confusion and reduce growing frustration among motorists.
“We’re pleased that the new law will help resolve an issue that can be especially frustrating to drivers in urban areas with limited parking spaces,” said Steve Finnegan, the Auto Club’s government affairs manager. “Drivers will now know the rules and will be able to park at broken meters without fear of being ticketed as long as they comply with posted regulations and parking time limits.”

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