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Auto Club Launches New DUI Resource Site For Criminal Justice Professionals

(LOS ANGELES, April 7, 2009) – AAA today announced the launch of a DUI Web site created specifically for criminal justice professionals.

AAA’s DUI JusticeLink fills a void by collecting information about potential solutions to common problems faced by the criminal justice community as a drunken driver is detected, prosecuted and adjudicated. The site is a compilation of DUI-related resources including state laws, up-to-date statistics and academic research reports.

“Each year, thousands of people are killed and injured in alcohol related crashes across our country, with a significant number of crashes involving repeat DUI offenders,” said the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Alice Bisno. “AAA’s DUI JusticeLink can be a valuable resource for the entire criminal justice community as its members can easily access impartial information about a wide range of impaired driving issues.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 32 percent of traffic fatalities in 2007 involved a drunken driver, and about one-third of those arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol were repeat offenders.

AAA’s DUI JusticeLink highlights the DUI-related challenges faced by judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, probation personnel and parole officers as a drunken driver moves through the criminal justice system. Armed with a better understanding of these systemic problems, criminal justice professionals can work together to reduce drunken driving on America’s roadways.
“Because of their hectic schedules, criminal justice professionals have limited time to conduct this type of research,” added Bisno. “AAA hopes this tool will help these professionals quickly and conveniently access relevant and organized information all at one source.”
Information and resources will be added to the site on a rolling basis. The core content of the site (i.e., Detection, Evidence, Procedures, and Sanctions) will be revised and updated annually. AAA welcomes recommendations for additions to site content, as well as general feedback about the site. AAA will consistently work to maintain the relevance of the site; keeping it a useful reference tool for criminal justice professionals.

The information and content provided on the new web site has been collected from various third party sources, and does not necessarily represent the opinions or judgments of AAA.
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