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A Car is Stolen in California Every 3 Minutes; Riverside Sheriff’s Dept. Gets Some Back. Auto Club Honors Them for 100 Recoveries

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Officers from the Riverside Sheriff’s Dept., Perris Station, will be recognized on Wednesday, April 26 by the Automobile Club of Southern California and the California Highway Patrol for their recovery of stolen vehicles.  In Perris, where 485 vehicles were stolen last year, 12 deputies recovered more than 100 vehicles and made more than 100 arrests.  The value of these recovered vehicles is approximately $1.1 million.   


A representative of the Auto Club’s Special Investigations Unit and CHP Capt. Kevin Porter will present the awards at the Riverside Sheriff’s Dept. Perris Station.  The awards will be presented to Deputies John Adams, Daniel Brown, Brandon Cardinale, Brandon Frank, Michael Gil, Karla Girard, Robert Guerro, Maxmillian Magdaleno, Oscar Ortiz, Tim Provost, Alberto Pulido, and Community Service Officer (CSO) Kevin Reid. 


Car theft is the number one property crime in America.  And California is the state with the most stolen vehicles.  In 2015, 180,000 vehicles were stolen in California at an estimated value of $1 billion, according to the CHP.  The top three stolen vehicles in 2015 in the Golden State were the 1996 Honda Accord, the 1998 Honda Civic and the 1994 Honda Accord.


The 10851 Award from the Auto Club and CHP recognizes peace officers that make significant contributions to the recovery of stolen vehicles and the arrest of suspected car thieves. The award gets its name from the California Vehicle Code section that prohibits vehicle theft. To qualify for the award, an officer must meet any of the following criteria within a one-year period:


  • Make six separate “rolling stolen” (suspect occupied) in-custody arrests
  • Recover 12 stolen vehicles, at least three of which are suspect occupied
  • Develop information which results in identification of a theft ring, the arrests of at least two suspects and recovery of at least 10 vehicles.


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