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$4 A Gallon! Gas Saving Tips, Spring Break Ideas

Gas Saving Tips

With pump prices once again over $4 a gallon and more than 50 cents per gallon higher than they were in January, Metro and the Automobile Club of Southern California today joined forces to help teach drivers to spend less on gas.


Steve Mazor, Chief Automotive Engineer for the Auto Club, explained why it's time for Los Angeles drivers to consider change.


"Los Angeles gas prices have jumped in the last 10 years by 82 percent, while the median household income for Californians has gone up by just 16 percent," Mazor said. "But the good news is that many drivers can save up to $1,000 or even $2,000 a year on fuel at today's prices by consistently following a few good habits, including slowing down and adopting a smooth, even driving style."


The Auto Club’s Automotive Research Center has conducted tests proving that drivers can save 25 to 50 percent on fuel usage just by following these tips consistently:

  • Slow down and drive at the speed limit
  • Eliminate “jackrabbit” starts and slamming on your brakes
  • Properly inflate your tires at and check them during every other gas station stop
  • Even out your driving style to maximize “coasting”
  • Always use the most fuel-efficient vehicle in your household when possible
  • Properly maintain your vehicle with oil changes, air filter changes, etc.
  • Use vehicle air conditioning prudently
  • Get rid of the “junk in the trunk” – heavy items such as golf clubs


For more information and for an easy-to-use checklist to calculate your gas mileage, download the AAA Gas Watcher's Guide.


Metro Deputy Executive Officer of Communications Warren Morse urged local residents to minimize their spring break and summer vacation dollars by picking up a $5 Day Pass and making easy-to-reach destinations on the Metro system part of their plans.


 “Four dollar a gallon gasoline is back and no one is happy about it,” Morse said. “But as gas gets more expensive we do have choices. So we invite everyone to begin spending vacation money on fun, rather than on gas, by exploring Los Angeles and all of its great entertainment on Metro."


For inspiration, Simon Adlam, Director of Exhibits at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, invited vacationers to explore the many new and exicting exhibits at the Natural History Museum. And he brought along Hunter the T. rex to make sure it happens.


Copy of Auto Club Gas Saving Tips infographic


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