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Magellan® MaestroTM GPS Devices Offered

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Personal Navigation Units Loaded with AAA Travel Expertise and AAA Roadside Assistance

(LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2007) — As the summer vacation driving season begins, motorists can have the Automobile Club of Southern California's travel expertise and roadside help at their fingertips with the new Magellan MaestroTM GPS personal navigation devices that come loaded exclusively with AAA travel information and AAA roadside assistance.

Travelers can find their way quickly and easily to AAA-inspected and Diamond rated hotels and restaurants, AAA-approved auto repair facilities, and AAA Show Your Card & Save retail locations where member discounts are offered.

Attractions and events, campgrounds, local Auto Club offices and AAA offices nationwide also are provided on Magellan MaestroTM devices. In addition, they are the only personal GPS navigation units sold in the U.S. that have a one-touch button to help summon the Auto Club-AAA Roadside Assistance. The unit displays the AAA phone number and the driver's street location on the devices. For motorists who own a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, the Magellan MaestroTM device will call AAA for them. A motorist's location also is displayed if a 9-1-1 call is made.

The Magellan units equipped with AAA travel information and AAA Roadside Assistance make trip-planning and road travel easier. They help motorists not to get lost in unfamiliar areas, find alternate routes around traffic congestion, and save gasoline and time by selecting the shortest route to their destination. The GPS units also provide real-time information about a driver's vehicle location, travel direction and speed, said the Auto Club's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Product Management & Publishing Wendy Sabins.

Auto Club members exclusively will receive a 15% SYC&S discount on accessories purchased from Magellan; a free second-year warranty on designated Magellan MaestroTM units; and free AAA data updates for the life of the Magellan MaestroTM warranty. Auto Club members can get more information about these discounts and benefits at

"The Magellan MaestroTM units offer a simple, user-friendly design that requires minimal key strokes. The clutter-free menu and map screens with clear and crisp icons and graphics are easy for drivers to see in all lighting. Prioritized menu icons allow drivers' faster access to their most frequently used features, which greatly helps motorists use the unit responsibly," said Sabins. "The units are portable and, like your AAA membership, can go with you from car to car," she added.

Auto Club members and non-members may purchase the Magellan MaestroTM GPS personal navigation units at national retailers Circuit City and Fry's Electronics. Auto Club members may purchase these units at


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